Strategie & Autoriteit

Consciousness is information, it’s data. Consciousness is the only thing that is fundamental. Everything else is derived from consciousness, including our physical reality, our bodies, our brains. Consciousness is self aware, it can change itself, it can evolve, it can grow.

It’s a system that can discern two states, this way and that way. These states look like zeros and ones. It’s a system that is aware that it can excist in 2 states creating information and it duplicates. This is how the system can grow. Now in order to evolve it can’t interact with itself because that is very limiting. It needs more complexity. More complexity is more order, more information. So it breaks into more pieces so they can interact with eachother. We represent some of these pieces.

We are part of the larger consciousness system. Our job here is to evolve, to grow up, to lower our entropy, to increase the quality of our consciousness.

Decreasing the entropy of consciousness means growing toward love. Love and lower entropy are reflections of eachother.

So here we are in the consciousness system. We are part of its strategy to evolve by interacting with each other and what we’re supposed to be doing is growing up, evolving and becoming love. Now how do we do that if we are just part of this information system, exchanging data?” – Tom Campbell, former NASA scientist, author of ‘my Big Toe’.